Some anime blogs that I read

This isn't a blog entry because I intend to keep updating it from time to time and I generally don't update entries once posted. Also, this is more of just a list than words about them.

I read these blogs for different things and different reasons. Some make me think or give me insights. Some are fun. Some make me snort. Also, this is not the complete list of everything I read, nor is it in any particular order (if it wasn't a pain, I'd sort it alphabetically).

This omits some blogs that you've heard of already if you want to read them. See also Ani-nouto's blogroll if you want more.

(I've noticed that I generally don't read episodic review blogs very much. I have opinions on what I want here both for shows I'm watching and shows I'm not, but they belong in a blog entry.)

In addition to the ones I read but I haven't listed here, there are other blogs I have on my perpetual 'intending to check out' list and a number that I feel I certainly ought to be reading but that I haven't quite yet.

Feel free to berate my tastes, suggest additional blogs, or wonder out loud why certain ones aren't here on Twitter, where I'm @cks_anime. For reasons beyond the scope of this paragraph, I'm turning off comments for this page.

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