My Nikon D90 custom settings settings

Noted down for my own reference:

a3 (AF-assist) off It's obtrusive in the dark and doesn't necessarily help much. If I need it I will turn it back on.
b2 (Easy exposure comp) on In practice I don't use it much; it's easier to remember the button+rear dial combo than to keep track of which dial it uses right now. (also, it doesn't show the actual number.)
Update: disabled (off) now.
c4 (Monitor off times: Image review) 10s I want more time to chimp. The default 4 seconds is not long enough for me to pay attention.
d1 (Beep) off
d2 (Viewfinder grid) on I can't shoot level to save my life, so this helps, and the viewfinder is already permanently cluttered. (I use the same option on my point & shoot.)
d3 (ISO display+) 'ISO' Yes, i want to see my ISO as often as possible. (I would like it if the ISO stayed up even when the shutter button was half pressed.)
d7 (File number seq) on I want my numbering never to reset/etc, and the directory to never change. This is as close as I can come.
e6 (Bracketing order) Under, MTR, Over I want to shoot bracketing in low exposure to high exposure order, not middle and then the outsides, because I will be doing bracketing for HDR and this makes it simpler to keep track of which is which.
f3 (Func button) AF-area mode This is one of my most frequently changed settings, so hell yes.
f4 (AE-L/etc) AE hold I don't know enough to use exposure holding, but if I do 'tap to hold' seems to be the least obnoxious way of doing it.
f7 (Reverse EV indicators) yes please This way it matches both sanity and my point and shoot, and i have no previous Nikon experience to be backwards compatible with

f3 and f4 are the least important settings because they are easy to change. If I am ever in a situation where auto-ISO parameters need a lot of change, or I need one-handed menu access, I will do the KR thing and reassign f3 to 'top entry on My Menu'.

(I had it set that way for a while, but found I was always using it to set the AF area mode anyways and the extra steps were irritating.)

Update, 2008-10-21: I turned b2 back off. The problem is that I can lose track of what mode I'm in and thus what dial is active (eg, I think I am in A but I am in P). If b2 is on, I wind up yanking around my exposure compensation when I try to adjust aperture instead of having nothing happen. This would probably be different with a Canon-style control allocation, but given that I don't use it much anyways, turning it off is less frustrating.

Update, 2008-10-29: customized c4. I should RCS this.

Update, 2009-01-04: customized e6 to be sensible.

'My Menu' settings

My menu is set up with:

I leave the menu system set so that the battery info is the current entry; that way I can hit menu and use the front command dial to immediately see the battery status.

Since I have AF-area mode wired to Fn, it's surplus on this list and I should really remove it. But the above lowers my motivation.

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