Amber DRPG things you probably want to know

(Almost everything here is in Microsoft Word .doc format; I'm not going to bother noting it for each file.)

Character generation The character generation information, including character quizzes.
Stats guide What the various stats do and how they're combined and so on.
Stuff guide A guide to Good Stuff and Bad Stuff in the HomeFires campaign.
Pattern The partial powers system for Pattern.
Trump The partial powers system for Trump and for Trump Tricks, which can be bought without Trump Artistry.
Magic The RPG rules for Magic.
Shapeshifting The partial powers system for Shapeshifting.
Magic overview A relatively number-free overview of the magic system HomeFires uses. (This may be obsoleted by the full magic rules; I'm not sure.)

Some additional reading for players:

Dworkin Doesn't Like You A possible look at Dworkin's perspective on everything.
Roleplaying an Amber character Some suggestions on roleplaying a character in the Amber DRPG.

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