DWiki now has a simple hierarchical way of handling access to pages for various things (both access and commentability), so you can give (or take away) permissions for things to entire directory trees at a shot. We use a simple implementation where directories can have a magic file called __access, which creates default permissions for everything under them.

The file is an ordinary page, but it should contain appropriate invocations of {{Restricted}} and/or {{CanComment}} (and anything of this nature that I add later). To keep clutter down, __access is not shown in the blogdir view of directories.

Checking stops at the first page that has the type of access control, so subdirectories or pages can grant permissions that parent directories have taken away. ChrisSiebenmann currently considers this a feature, although you may disagree. (This way is more efficient although less like searching Unix paths. Hmm. The arguments for changing this rise.)

Hierarchical access control interacts oddly with {{CutShort}} pages. If a cut-short page has access control below the cut that would deny access and is being viewed in a context where the cut happens, then the access is allowed because DWiki decides that the page had something to say about authentication and the answer in this context was 'sure, go ahead'.

The __access page can have actual content if you want, but I suspect that people are not going to be looking at it too often.

At the moment, access control continues to apply only to viewing files; viewing directories is not access controlled. This may change as ChrisSiebenmann is of two minds about it.

Important note: things like all-pages and recent-changes continue to show page names for pages that are not accessible, and probably always will. Therefor, don't put anything sensitive into the actual names of pages. (This is unlikely to ever change for reasons that don't fit in this margin.)

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Last modified: Sat May 28 15:42:33 2005
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