DWiki now lets you use spaces to separate things in [[....]] links instead of |. If you do this, the last word is taken as the link URL or page, and the rest are the link name. (| has priority over this; DWiki tries space-separation only if there is no |.)

Thus [[Google Rules The Web http://www.google.com/]] turns into Google Rules The Web.

You can use either side as an abbeviation later, for example: Google Rules The Web, Google Rules The Web. (See View Source.)

LinkAbbrevs done this way don't have to use |, as long as there is a space in the value: [[Google Rules The Web]] still turns into Google Rules The Web.

This allows somewhat more aesthetic long link name things.

Note that the opening [[ and the closing ]] have to be on the same line in the wikitext.

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Last modified: Thu Jun 2 15:06:26 2005
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