Virtual Directories in DWiki

A virtual directory is a way of restricting what pages get shown out of a real directory. It works by tacking on 'virtual' directories after the real directory (ie, as subdirectories) to tell DWiki what you want to see.

Virtual directories restrict pages based on their most recent modification time. There are three versions available:

All pieces of a virtual directory must really be virtual. If you have a directory Foo/ with a Foo/2005/ subdirectory (or file), you cannot use the virtual directory Foo/2005/05/ to see things from May of 2005 in Foo/. Moral: let DWiki organize things based on time for you, don't do it yourself.

Virtual directories are paid attention to by some renderers, which are generally used in some views. You can get the full list in TemplateSyntax.

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Last modified: Sat Sep 3 01:11:04 2005
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