How to navigate a DWiki

A DWiki is made up of a bunch of pages in a directory hierarchy. (This is unlike a traditional wiki, which has a more or less flat namespace with no directories, subdirectories, etc.)

Besides from following any links found on a DWiki page, there are a few other ways to navigate around a DWiki.

Navigating the directory structure

Every DWiki page has 'breadcrumbs' up at the top of the page that show where you are in the DWiki's directory hierarchy and give you links to everything above the page. For this page, that says that you are in the help subdirectory of this DWiki's root.

If you go to a directory it will generally tell you what pages and subdirectories are inside it. Some pages, like the DWiki's starting page, will usually tell you what subdirectories are in their directory, so you can jump directly to something that seems interesting.

(Some directories show different views of their contents than just plain lists of what pages and subdirectories they have. If you hit a directory like this, you can use the Page Tools at the bottom of the page to ask to 'See As Normal' to get a simple list.)

Category: finding sorts of pages

By convention, in Category are some automatic indexes of pages that mark themselves as being in various categories.

Manage: lists of pages

By convention, in Manage there are a number of DWiki pages that present information about the pages on the DWiki: a list of every page, a list of every page in the order of recent changes, and so on.

Note: because most of these pages list some variety of everything in the DWiki, they may get very long.

Notice the page tools

At the bottom of every DWiki page there are various 'Page Tools' links. While these don't move you around the DWiki as such, they can provide useful other views of the page and useful tools.


If searching is enabled and available to you (it depends on the DWiki's configuration), the bottom of every page will have a 'Search' box where you can enter a word.

Unfortunately DWiki searching is kind of simplistic right now; you have to search for a word, and you have to get the capitalization right. (With cleverness you can search for a phrase.)

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