The results of the statistics auction

Stat Value Who
Strength 40 Aidan
Warfare 100 Mordred
Psyche 70 tie: Pandora and Helena
Endurance 75 Tharsk
Good Stuff 6 Aidan
Bad Stuff -3 Tharsk

Since stats go up to 150, Warfare went quite dear while Strength went for a relative song. We are pretty certain that Tharsk is the only PC with Bad Stuff.

(See also Characters.)

Events in the third session established that the Warfare rankings seem to run (top to bottom): Mordred, Dorian, Phantome, Helene, Ginko, Pandora, Tharsk, and Lucien. (Lucien is a one-trick pony, with huge Psyche that is better than the first ranked PCs Psyche.)

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