The characters of HomeFires

These are various bits and pieces on the third generation in Home Fires, both PC and NPC.


Aidan trump He comes from an 18th/19th century British Shadow, and is now a leading light of the Amber Navy.
Ginko A humble monk. He vehemently denies being an Amberite.
Helena A type-A businesswoman from (a) Shadow Earth.
Mordred The best fighter among us, and the son of Moire and Corwin.
Pandora From another Shadow Earth.
Tharsk Disreputable, because he has Bad Stuff.

(Better summaries may appear sometime if the applicable players want to give me some.)

Which PC got first rank in each stat is public information, and can be found in AuctionResults.


Dorian trump He has an eyepatch and a ship and is rarely seen in the castle, and is said to be the son of the tragically deceased Caine.
Lucien trump 1, trump 2 Fiona's son, a long time inhabitant of the castle, and the de-facto or official castle librarian.
Phantome trump Not much is known about the mysterious Phantome, not even really her actual name (she just told the characters to call her Phantome). She keeps turning up places in Shadow, but never when you expect her to.
Rinaldo trump Rinaldo/Luke is not known to be an Amberite at this point in time, but he still is one. He hangs around the Golden Circle.

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