Sessions of Keep The Home Fires Burning

The GM has chosen to give each session a title, as if it was an episode in a TV series or the like.

  1. Intersections in Real Time (April 15th 2007)

    A series of little vignette scenes, one for each character from each of the five years since things have started. We put together a list of them for our reference, which is in FiveYears.

  2. Convictions (April 29th 2007)

    In which our protagonists accept Dorian's invitation to go hunting in Arden, Tharsk impales himself on a handy boar spear, Pandora fails to bag a deer on her own but kills quite a bit of alcohol that evening for no reason at all (just ask her), Mordred cares for his relatives, Aidan demonstrates he can carry an Arden deer single-handedly (if messily), and Ginko goes for a walk in the dark and becomes the first character to be attacked over a Trump call.

    (PS: the deer was dead at the time. This makes Aidan the only one to successfully hunt something on the trip. Okay, technically Mordred got some rabbits.)

    Update: I forgot that preceeding this was Dorian's drunken (maybe) rampage in the portrait room, and a semi-successful attempt to contact Deirdre by Trump.

  3. Visitors From Down The Street (May 6th 2007)

    In which our protagonists successfully contact Deirdre by Trump and rescue Deirdre and Bleys by pulling them through the contact, only to find out that we had instead actually rescued Deirdre, something possessing Deirdre, and someone impersonating Bleys, and that Tharsk had been colonized by a bit of Brand after the last time.

    Upshot: 'Bleys' disappeared and probably walked the Pattern (someone did, although they did not look like Bleys at the time), Dorian assaulted Tharsk until the bit of Tharsk that was Brand decided to drop off and slither off to recover later, and the thing possessing Deirdre moved to the infirmary nurse and may or may not have died when she did.

    Oh, and we worked out a reasonably accurate ranking of people's Warfares due to the melee.

  4. Appearances And Other Deceits (June 10th 2007)

  5. The Illusion Of Truth (June 29th)

  6. And The Rock Cried Out "No Hiding Place" (August 5th 2007)

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