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An index to my Roving Thoughts entries on Flip Flappers

Various commentary appears in my Fall 2016 first episode impressions, early impressions, midway views, and Fall 2016 retrospective. I sort of wrapped up my views in my entry on the best shows I saw in 2016. In addition, I wrote a number of other entries (in the order written):

I'm not sure that I've covered all of my thoughts, but since it's been a year since I saw the show my memories are fading and becoming less distinct so I've probably written my last on the show in this entry (which I described on Twitter as an attempt to put my feelings on the show to bed).

As always, see this overall index of Flip Flappers reviews and articles for a great deal of well informed and worthwhile commentary on the show.

An index to my Roving Thoughts entries on Shin Sekai Yori

I've written enough on this show that I need an index for my entries. Please note that there are spoilers.

First, various commentary appears in the early impressions, midway views and retrospectives for the Fall 2012 season, and in the Winter 2013 retrospective when it finished. Next there's my actual entries (in the order written):

Then I made it the best show I saw in 2013 with a few words more.

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