Why Roving Thoughts

March 22, 2009

In theory, when I started writing WanderingThoughts it was going to be for anything that I wanted to write about. In practice, it rapidly developed into what I've called a techblog, a blog for writing about technical computer stuff, and no longer felt like an appropriate place to write about other topics.

(I've admired people who mixed topics in their blogs, and I think in general it's a good thing, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.)

But I do have other interests, other things that I've wound up wanting to write about. So that's what this is, and why; it's a place where I can write about topics that don't feel appropriate for WanderingThoughts.

(I am calling it RovingThoughts because I am terrible at coming up with good names for things.)

Although predicting the future is dangerous, I expect RovingThoughts entries to be much less frequent than WanderingThoughts entries. I also expect the topics to vary significantly, since this time around I really do mean for RovingThoughts to be for anything that doesn't fit in WanderingThoughts and quite a few of my interests have nothing to do with each other.

Sidebar: logins here

I have not copied over logins from WanderingThoughts to here, partly for technical reasons. If you want a login here, send me email; I would be happy to give you one.

(Use the email address that is associated with WanderingThoughts.)

Written on 22 March 2009.
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