A brief aside on Blood-C episode 3

July 30, 2011

(This is the kind of thing that I would put on Twitter if I had a Twitter account. Maybe I should get one. PS: spoiler, sort of.)

Boy, Saya was surprisingly cold-blooded in episode 3 when she just stood by and let the nice innocent baker walk into the monster to get unpleasantly killed. Especially since the show went out of its way to show that the baker hadn't already been mentally consumed by the monster (he was just under its control or something) and probably could have actually been saved.

(And this does not seem to have been red-eyed killer Saya, either. Her eyes were normal in the scene.)

I sure hope this means something important, because Saya is several times less likable and sympathetic now.

Written on 30 July 2011.
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