My (Twitter) reactions to the first episodes of the Fall 2018 anime season

October 15, 2018

As before I'm collecting here all of my tweeted reactions to the first episodes I've seen (in the order that I saw them).

  • Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 episode 1: I can't figure out if Shang was reasonably smart, rather stupid, or both at once. Also, this didn't quite start with the bang that I was expecting; this was more setup than anything else.

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime episode 1: I enjoyed this as goofy, over the top fun in a genre I have a weakness for, but it's definitely made better by having inhaled the manga first. (Among other things, I liked spotting the changes from the manga.)

  • The Girl in Twilight episode 1: That was an interesting start but as usual it's all setup and doesn't say anything about where the show's going. Still, it's interesting enough to get me to watch the next episode.

  • Release the Spyce episode 1: That was a perfectly good and enjoyable experience. It didn't set me on fire, partly because it was a bit too goofy, but the end means they've clearly opted to go big with the show and I can respect that. I'll certainly watch the next episode.

  • SSS.Gridman episode #1: Okay, I'm a sucker for shows that start out this way (teasing some mysteries, offering some hints, having weird stuff happen), and the characters are pretty solid too. I actively enjoyed the quiet parts before the action; there was nice interplay there.

(I made a typo here; SSSS.Gridman has four S's, not three.)

This is all of the first episodes that I feel like looking at at the moment. Other things have gotten praise, but they're in genres that almost never work for me or don't seem appealing on a broad level. And as far as my enthusiasm for this season actually goes, well, I'll have to quote a recent tweet:

I'm backlogged on shows already, but that's because I'd apparently rather play around with Grafana+Prometheus rather than watch anything I have pending (which may say something about what I've got queued). Sorry, Slime show, but I already read the manga. Maybe later.

(This doesn't include either SSSS.Gridman or Thunderbolt Fantasy, both of which I'm enthusiastically watching so far.)

Written on 15 October 2018.
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