My quick reaction to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi episode 1

July 2, 2010

Rather than just just email my comments to Author in response to his entry, I'll be Author-like and post something here for once.

The first fansub of Ookami+7's first episode has come out, and I've watched it now (partly because of Author's entry). Unlike some, I actually like the narration; without its injection of snarky commentary and the show's gleefully casual exploitation of Western fairy tales for our amusement, this would be a pretty ordinary romantic comedy anime with a vaguely unusual hook. As it is the show's atmosphere is deliberately over the top, making me interested enough to watch at least an episode or two more.

(How over the top? Well, the main part of the first episode is an extended Cinderella parody, complete with a bicycle-drawn pumpkin carriage. Said carriage is nowhere near the most amusing and absurd part of the parody.)

If you want your romantic comedies without sly asides to the audience, this is not your show and Aroduc's criticisms are completely on target. Otherwise and assuming that you don't want something too deep, the start is promising but as always first episodes can be terribly misleading and we don't know if the show can keep this up for more than a few episodes without the formula getting stale; parodying a fairy tale an episode this way could get repetitive really fast.

Written on 02 July 2010.
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