On one of Shingu's mysteries

May 26, 2011

Note: contents contain spoilers for Shingu.

Author, in reply to my remark that I'm happy about Muryou's mysteries not being explained:

Oh, brother. I am pretty sure this was unintentional, based on the small exposition fragment in the end (with chibi Muryo in a Roman toga). [...]

That bit is actually an important part of what makes the Muryou situation work for me. If the show left it out and simply ignored the mystery, we would be left not knowing whether or not this omission was deliberate; after all, maybe the show just ran out of time, didn't get a planned sequel, forgot about it, or whatever. By explicitly addressing the mystery the way it did, the show reassures us (well, me) that the state of affairs is fully intentional; what Muryou is and where he comes from is supposed to be a mystery that is not answered.

(I have a general attitude on unaddressed mysteries in shows that does not fit inside the margins of this entry. Maybe someday.)

Written on 26 May 2011.
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