My (Twitter) reactions to the first episodes of the Spring 2016 season

April 10, 2016

As before I've decided to collect here all of my tweeted reactions to the first episodes I've seen (in the order I saw them).

  • Space Patrol Luluco episode 1: Cute, but too manic and minimal to be something for me. (This is from the 'barely animated' side of Trigger.)

  • Unsurprisingly, I'm no more interested in JoJo's this time around than I was the last three times I tried it. Sorry, Diamond Is Unbreakable.

    (Technically I only watched half of the first episode, but it was enough. JoJo's stylings apparently don't work for me.)

  • Endride episode 1: Generic and bland is the best description for this. It's an inoffensive stock show that just occupies some time.

  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk episode 13: Yay, the gang's pretty much all back. The show still has everything that made it fun to watch in S1.

  • My Hero Academia episode 1: This was a well made Shonen Jump show, which means I don't know what to think of it yet. I'll watch the next ep.

  • Macross Delta episode 1: GIRI GIRI AAAAAIII! This is the stuff, all right. THIS is how you start a show and hook everyone in sight.

  • Bakuon episode 1: Inoffensive and kind of funny, but I didn't find it funny enough for it to be my kind of show.

  • Hundred episode 1: So far a perfectly acceptable LN magical high school show, suitable for watching with popcorn. Emile makes the show.

  • Twin Star Exorcists ep 1: That was a pretty good start. A clear style, it hit the ground running, and it knew how to shut up and be subtle.

  • Bungo Stray Dogs episode 1: That was a pretty good, tho it leaned on the wacky faces a fair bit. But it was only the (empty) intro & setup.

  • Cerberus episode 1: There are flashes of something good here, but they're overpowered by animation and writing problems. Too bland & flat.

  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress episode 1: That was very dramatic, with a capital D. This show doesn't do subtle or quiet or small.

  • Concrete Revolutio episode 14: We're back and just as nice as before. It's apparently time to unravel some mysteries and explain some stuff.

  • Haifuri episode 1: That was solid and more interesting than I expected, and the hook at the ending is definitely getting me to watch more.

  • Flying Witch ep 1: That was fun in a low-key, goofy way. I have hopes that this will be the kind of everyday-life show that works for me.

  • Kiznaiver episode 1: That was both decently good and interesting, but it deliberately gave us no idea what sort of show this is going to be.

(A → means there's further discussion on Twitter, a ♯ means that's it.)

The two remaining new shows that I'd like to check out are Kuromukuro, which is not available yet and may not be available for some time, and Big Order, which only starts on April 15th (and I don't expect Big Order to be great, based on the premise, although it might be a popcorn watch).


  • Kuromukuro episode 1: Now that's a good start for an action show. Mostly show don't tell, nicely done, and I like the characters.

Written on 10 April 2016.
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