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Memorable anime in year X for me

I'm doing a slow moving series of entries on this topic, currently running from 2000 onwards although I may go back to the mid-90s at some point as well (although I've seen rather less from them; those were the days of anime clubs and spotty show availability, and I mostly haven't revisited the era since). This is an index to the series:

Related to this are my more recent 'best N anime I saw in' end of year entries. These cover what I saw in the year, as opposed to what was made in the year (regardless of when I saw it):

(Yes, yes, if my wikithing had tags and the like, these would be tags. Someday, when I'm energetic. It's on my todo list for the program.)

Some anime blogs that I read

This isn't a blog entry because I intend to keep updating it from time to time and I generally don't update entries once posted. Also, this is more of just a list than words about them.

I read these blogs for different things and different reasons. Some make me think or give me insights. Some are fun. Some make me snort. Also, this is not the complete list of everything I read, nor is it in any particular order (if it wasn't a pain, I'd sort it alphabetically).

  • Ani-nouto: Author is basically responsible for getting me into reading anime blogs.

  • Karmaburn: I admire Evirus's ability to be beautifully concise and find just the right phrase. It's something I pretty much lack.

  • Jinx: Cannot summarize, too enjoyable. We have different tastes and different approaches, but NovaJinx has a real way with words.

  • Bros Before Shows: One marker of a good (episodic) blog is that it can make stuff that I don't watch (and probably don't want to) still sound really attractive and enjoyable.

  • Wrong Every Time: Bobduh makes me think even if I disagree with him. Our tastes are strongly divergent in spots, but that makes for interesting reading sometimes.

  • The Cart Driver: Often amusing.

  • blogsuki

  • Altair & Vega is pretty much inactive these days but it's give us some great stuff.

  • anime nano isn't a blog but as a blog aggregator I find it a useful place both to find stuff about any particular show or just to scan every once in a while to look for interesting writing. But honestly, mostly I find new blogs through my ani-Twitter circle.

This omits some blogs that you've heard of already if you want to read them. See also Ani-nouto's blogroll if you want more.

(I've noticed that I generally don't read episodic review blogs very much. I have opinions on what I want here both for shows I'm watching and shows I'm not, but they belong in a blog entry.)

In addition to the ones I read but I haven't listed here, there are other blogs I have on my perpetual 'intending to check out' list and a number that I feel I certainly ought to be reading but that I haven't quite yet.

Feel free to berate my tastes, suggest additional blogs, or wonder out loud why certain ones aren't here on Twitter, where I'm @cks_anime. For reasons beyond the scope of this paragraph, I'm turning off comments for this page.

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