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My view of Shukufuku no Campanella's Ritos


An episode before I jotted "sick of Ritos hazing Salza", but now they decided to outstrip my wildest expectations.

My impression was that Ritos didn't hate her sister Salsa, she just liked tormenting her. The whole thing struck me as a terribly exaggerated version of a certain sort of sibling dynamics.

(In fact I have vague memories that every so often, Ritos does something subtle to help out Salsa's dreams of romance.)

Update: oops, I have just demonstrated the perils of reading too fast, since Author wrote hazing, not hating. I agree that hazing seems to be a good description of what Ritos is doing.

(I also agree that it got a bit tiresome by the end of Campanella. It was really rather over the top, and over the top jokes generally work best when they are not repeated over and over.)

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