I've been doing a lot of my 'blogging' on Twitter

October 2, 2015

If you follow my Twitter as well as this blog, you've probably noticed that I write a lot more commentary on Twitter these days, commentary that maybe could be blog entries. I think there's a number of reasons why I've wound up doing so much on Twitter compared to here:

  • It's simpler and lower-friction. I don't have to come up with an entry title, open up my editor, and so on; I can just Tweet. My client's 'new tweet' entry bar is right there.

  • It's socially accepted to be terse, casual, unrefined and so on, because the medium itself is short. No one really expects carefully elaborated deep thoughts in 140 characters. Whenever I write actual blog entries here I feel the need to carefully lay out my views in paragraphs, elaborate on things, answer possible counter-arguments, and so on.

    (And if 140 characters is too short, I can string a few Tweets together.)

  • It's okay to be short (indeed, it's expected). By contrast, if I try to write a blog entry that's only a couple of sentences long it just seems wrong; it's too short and somehow disappointing. I have an irrational but definite feeling that blog entries should be multi paragraph things.

  • All of this makes it faster. I'll probably spend a hundred tweets worth of time and effort on this blog entry by the time I'm done, and the reality of my life is that I only have so much time and energy to write (and the lion's share of that will always go to my techblog).

  • And I have to be honest and confess to another reason: I suspect that I have a bigger audience on Twitter than I do here. At one level I don't care about how much of an audience I have; at another level I am conscious both of the reach to effort ratio and the fact that if I want to influence people, Twitter may be a better payoff.

In short, it's much easier to fit tweeting in around the edges of my life. I can throw a brief unrefined thought or reaction out there in a minute and be done, in contrast to the much more of various things that I put into entries here.

I do feel that I want to blog here more. I have ideas for entries, but I generally don't get around to actually writing them (or I write them very slowly). I don't have any answers, though. In part I'm writing this entry in the hopes that just writing it will encourage me to blog more.

(Perhaps I should start copying what I feel are noteworthy tweets from Twitter to here, such as my periodic tweeted reactions to episodes of shows (eg, also).)

Written on 02 October 2015.
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