Things I got wrong in Darker Than Black - Gemini of the Meteor

November 11, 2010

As I mentioned before, I had a couple of speculations and theories about Gemini that I got completely wrong. Today I feel like writing them up (after all, why waste my notes on them).

Note that there are spoilers here.

So, my misses:

  • I thought that Suo was not actually a contractor and thus did not have a renumeration. Having gotten Hei's power, sucked in by the stone and focused through her own imagination, she just thought she had to be a contractor and so she was acting out all of the things that she knew about them. Contractors have renumerations, so she went through the motions on an obvious one for her, and contractors have no emotions so she tried not to have any (that didn't really work, of course).

  • since the anime made a point of showing us that the reason Suo had her great big gun was that it was what her mind seized on as a weapon when she needed one, I expected that Suo could materialize other things as well and someday would when she really needed something else.

  • following my standard beliefs, I thought that Suo (and July) deliberately missed Tanya during the fight in episode 3. Suo had been very accurate up to that point, Tanya did not dodge, and there was clear evidence that Suo didn't really want to kill Tanya.

    (At the time, I considered this corroboration for my 'Suo is not really a contractor' theory.)

I formed these ideas around episode 3. Later the show went on to demonstrate that I was clearly wrong about the first, probably wrong about the third, and who knows about the second but no signs of it were ever demonstrated. In retrospect I could probably have predicted much of this just from knowing that Gemini was a 12-episode show; those tend to have a very sharp and limited focus in order to get through everything they need to in time, so complex side situations generally just don't fit in and thus don't happen.

In general I disbelieve the Darker than Black party line about contractors being perfectly rational and emotionless, but that's another blog entry.

Written on 11 November 2010.
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