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In praise of Sora no Woto

Sora no Woto is the most interesting show I'm watching this season. Despite having a cast that mostly consists of cute girls and telling fundamentally heart-warming stories, it's going in a more complex, deep, and serious direction than it initially appeared, and it keeps surprising me.

(I'm also pleased that one character's incompetence at her job was not kept as a plot point for very long.)

One of the interesting things for me is the intriguing and carefully mysterious setting, which Sora no Woto has been progressively revealing more and more about. However, I'm not sure if the show is ever going to actively explore it and answer our questions, or just keep using it as background material for the character stories. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter, since so far Sora no Woto has been more character oriented than plot driven.

(I'm not sure that other people will enjoy Sora no Woto, though, because it mixes light-hearted entertainment with a more serious background, and not everyone considers these to be tastes that go well together.)

Sidebar: an attempt at a summary description

So what's Sora no Woto about, beyond the bare summary? It's about a girl joining a small group of other girls (of assorted personalities) and fitting in, character driven stories, and through the stories we explore the mysteries of the setting around the characters. It has an intriguing setting with lots of things hinted at and a bunch of well realized secondary characters to go with the lead ones. The stories are heart-warming, and things are somewhat stereotypical but not to the degree that they annoy me. Music plays less of a role than the bare summaries make it sound.

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gg's interview with Sam P, an anime translator

I happened to stumble over an interview or two that gg (a fansub group) conducted with a translator called Sam P, who works with Crunchyroll among other places. So here's three links: the background, the answers from Sam P, and then an additional chat later. Reading the whole thing has been interesting and has certainly given me things to think about.

(This is somewhat belated, as I seem to be much better at writing down little notes about entries that I want to write than I am at actually, you know, writing them.)

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