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A thought on what Moretsu Pirates is about

When I started hearing about it and during the early episodes, I expected Moretsu Pirates to be an action show. You know, with pirating (or at least privateering), space battles, and so on. Since then I've come around to the feeling that Pirates is actually a character study, primarily of Marika.

As an action show, Pirates is kind of disappointing because there hasn't been much action; the show's been 'slow-moving' (from an action point of view). Viewed as a show about the characters, I think it's more interesting and the pacing, plots, and focus make more sense and fit better.

(For example, as an action show the resolution of events at the end of episode 12 is terribly disappointing; you have a tense charged situation that should be resolved through exciting action and instead, well, it isn't. But as a character piece it's an interesting view at a side of Marika that we hadn't seen before, among other things.)

All of this leads me to not expect Pirates to have some big action finish in the later parts of the show.

(This is almost short enough for Twitter but not quite. Well, maybe if I was cleverer about writing short things.)

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