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2012-12-07: An unconventional reading of a bit of Sakurasou episode 4
2012-12-03: The perspectives of the anicamera
2012-11-28: Checking in on the Fall 2012 season midway through
2012-11-26: My views on Eureka Seven AO's ending
2012-11-16: My favorite Miyazaki movies
2012-11-12: Looking back at the Summer 2012 anime season
My views on Sword Art Online
2012-11-04: Lens flare in anime
The unconstrained anicamera
2012-11-01: Some notes and views on Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
2012-10-24: Brief early impressions of the anime of the Fall 2012 season
2012-10-10: Bokeh in anime: selective focus, blur, and the anicamera
2012-09-25: My view of the chronological order of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episodes
2012-09-21: A theory of decline
2012-08-24: Reassessing the Summer 2012 season midway through
2012-08-10: The problem with Dog Days' second season
2012-07-17: Looking back at the Spring 2012 anime season
2012-07-12: Brief early impressions of the anime of the Summer 2012 season
2012-07-10: My problem with Fate/Zero: the characters
2012-07-04: Looking back at the Winter 2012 anime season
2012-06-26: Waver's moral development over the course of Fate/Zero
2012-05-08: Is Ano Natsu de Matteru a romantic comedy or a lighthearted romance?
2012-05-05: Thinking about why Upotte! goes too far for me
2012-05-03: Why I'm still watching Aquarion EVOL
2012-04-25: Brief early impressions of the shows of the Spring 2012 season
2012-04-21: My Sai Mecha 2012 nominations, in which I commit all sorts of heresy
2012-04-09: A thought on what Moretsu Pirates is about
2012-04-08: A look back at Ano Natsu de Matteru
2012-04-07: Using automatic exposure locking
2012-03-16: Meditations on realism via the GTO anime and live action shows
2012-03-13: What we've become used to
2012-03-01: My bike gloves for cold rain (as of winter 2012)
2012-02-19: A theory about why piracy is still there in Moretsu Pirates (as of episode 7)
2012-02-17: Saying something brief about Black ★ Rock Shooter
2012-02-13: Trimming the fat, Winter 2012 edition
2012-02-04: Why the fleet battles in Last Exile - Fam have no drama for me
The problem of interpretation: what I indirectly learned from Alien Nine
2012-02-03: Noise in space: handwaving Moretsu Pirates some
More on why the Moretsu Pirates zero-G problems annoy me
2012-02-01: My issue with the zero-G sequences in Moretsu Pirates
2012-01-27: How long an exposure can my camera meter?
2012-01-24: Swallowing a whopper: Giant Robo and the Tragedy of Bashtarle
2012-01-20: The best N anime that I saw in 2011
In praise of UN-GO
2012-01-19: The importance of watching your exposure
2012-01-13: Brief impressions of the shows of the Winter 2012 season
2012-01-03: The one bad moment in Sora no Woto

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