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2013-12-27: A (qualified) defense of Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova
2013-12-23: Why I have a very bad view of Gilgamesh
2013-12-20: Who is to blame for a badly written show that's based on a light novel?
2013-12-19: My memorable anime from 2002
Some reactions to RahXephon
2013-12-18: My memorable anime from 2001
My views on character death in anime
2013-12-17: Memorable anime from 2000 (for me)
2013-12-15: An appreciation for Kyoukai no Kanata episode 10
2013-11-29: Checking in on the Fall 2013 anime season 'midway' through
2013-11-22: Why Yowamushi Pedal fails for me
2013-11-15: Some thoughts on the gamification in Gatchaman Crowds
2013-11-07: Link: Gatchaman Crowds essay by Joe McCulloch
2013-10-16: Brief early impressions of the Fall 2013 anime season
2013-10-15: Link: History Must Be Curved (Galileo and the heliocentric revolution)
2013-10-10: Some bits about the ending of Gatchaman Crowds, especially Berg-Katze
2013-09-30: Looking back at the Summer 2013 anime season
2013-09-11: Two things from Valvrave's first season
2013-09-09: My view of the future of western 'anime'
Anime and where it's made
2013-09-04: Two great quotes about the Fate-verse
2013-09-03: Checking in on the Summer 2013 anime season 'midway' through
2013-08-26: Two views of Gatchaman Crowds' Joe
2013-08-23: Bike helmets are a distraction
2013-08-22: Bike parts I've replaced (as of 2013)
2013-08-16: The Railgun and her friends in Railgun S
2013-07-29: Brief early impressions of the Summer 2013 anime season
2013-07-25: Looking back at the Spring 2013 anime season
2013-04-23: Brief impressions of the anime of the Spring 2013 season
2013-04-16: Darktable versus Rawtherapee
2013-04-15: Some words on Shin Sekai Yori's Squealer
2013-04-14: Looking back at the Winter 2013 anime season
Some words on Shin Sekai Yori
2013-04-10: Some rambling thoughts on Psycho-Pass and its ending
My view of Psycho-Pass's Sibyl System
2013-04-01: Link: A fascinating series of articles on Machiavelli
2013-03-27: A comment on Katanagatari's ending
2013-03-18: Why I have a camera slingbag but you probably shouldn't
2013-03-13: Checking in on the Winter 2013 anime season 'midway' through
2013-03-03: The best N anime that I saw in 2012
2013-03-01: A brief, opinionated summary of Linux RAW processing options
2013-02-10: Something I never made up my mind about with Initial D
2013-02-08: A memorable moment from Initial D
2013-01-28: Brief impressions of the anime of the Winter 2013 season
2013-01-08: My (heretical) view of A Letter to Momo
2013-01-03: Looking back at the Fall 2012 anime season
2013-01-01: How Girls und Panzer is a genuine sports anime while Saki is not

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