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Brief impressions of the Winter 2019 anime season so far

As before it's time (and well past time) for my views of how this season has shaken out so far, following up on my first episode reactions. The short version is that it is not a good season for me so far (for various reasons) and as a result of that I am a week or two behind on the two shows from this season that I'm still watching.

Decently okay:

  • The Magnificent Kotobuki: This is a perfectly entertaining show on an episode by episode basis; every episode is generally funny and well crafted, with various subtle touches. However I have realized that one of my problems with the show overall is that there is nothing there to pull me from one episode to the next other than the pure entertainment value. After the four episodes I've watched so far, there is no real ongoing plot or continuing developments, just episodic shenanigans.

    If I want to feel entertained, watching Kotobuki is a decent option. But it turns out that I have a lot of ways of entertaining myself and Kotobuki has often not been the most compelling one.


  • Kemurikusa: On the one hand, there is some good stuff here (it's quite atmospheric, for example). On the other hand, after four episodes I continue to find the show to be slow moving overall and Wakaba remains irritating as the genki idiot (cf), and some apparent subplots involving him annoy me by their very existence.

I have dropped everything else from my first episode reactions for an assortment of reasons, including Boogiepop and Others (cf), which makes me a bit sad. I have decided not to write those reasons up because they'll just consist of me being grumpy.

(I have been watching people watch Endro! on Twitter and it seems like a pretty entertaining show on the whole, even if it didn't work for me.)

I continue to fully enjoy That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime as fine popcorn entertainment. The goings-on of Rimuru and friends never fail to bring a smile to my face and it's the only show I'm current on this season.

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Link: Color Spaces

Bartosz Ciechanowski's Color Spaces (via) is a nice exploration of the issues involved with computer RGB colour spaces. I found it especially interesting and clear because it has some interactive illustrations of various concepts involved.

(In theory I knew all of this, but in practice it's nice to have a clear refresher every so often.)

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