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Anitwitter pushups [12 days of anime 2016, sort of]

Anitwitter is not why I do some pushups every morning (that would be due to Kirk Tuck). But @B0bduh and @GuyShalev certainly provided extra motivation and a more concrete goal early on in the process, and that still sticks with me. I'm not there yet and recently I've actually regressed (possibly because I'm now doing my pushups more properly, ie deeper), but I keep plugging away. Someday I'll get up to @B0bduh's level (I hope)! And maybe my arms will stop aching one of these days.

(As regular and even extensive cyclist (cf, and), I get a decent amount of exercise in general. But when you're a cyclist, every day is leg day and generally no day is arm day, so I figured that giving my arms some work to do was a good idea. Does it make carrying my not all that light bike up and down the occasional stairs any easier? Answer hazy, ask again when I can do more pushups in a row.)

(Although I don't promise to write twelve entries, this is part of @appropriant's 12 Days of Anime for 2016.)

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