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2016-12-31: In praise of Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings, an underappreciated gem
2016-12-29: I watched Long Riders! for the bicycling (and I enjoyed it)
2016-12-28: A bit on the story structure of Sound! Euphonium 2 episode 12
2016-12-25: Where I think Flip Flappers' episode 9 Pure Illusion world comes from
Flying Witch shows me the limits of analysis
2016-12-24: Thunderbolt Fantasy shows the power of fully embracing your genre
Why only a few people got character arcs in Thunderbolt Fantasy
2016-12-23: How Flip Flappers tells us a lot about Yayaka through visuals alone
One moment in Concrete Revolutio that symbolizes my issues with it
2016-12-22: The Ancient Magus' Bride is the one manga I'm definitely reading
2016-12-21: One nice thing Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! did
2016-12-20: Bubuki Buranki shows that CG anime has a bright future
2016-12-19: The spear-point in Thunderbolt Fantasy
2016-12-18: One little moment from Akagami no Shirayukihime's second season
2016-12-17: The tacit pressure of conformity, both to the community and myself
2016-12-16: Safety first, or the oddity of bike lights in recent anime
2016-12-15: How Flip Flappers is using a world-building technique from science fiction
2016-12-14: Anitwitter pushups [12 days of anime 2016, sort of]
2016-12-09: Checking in on the Fall 2016 anime season 'midway' through
2016-12-05: In Memoriam: Looking back at the Spring 2006 anime season (part 2)
In Memoriam: Looking back at the Spring 2006 anime season (part 1)
2016-12-02: How changing times can change our interpretation of what we see

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